Padel Racket

Hoe kies je een padel racket?

Should I buy a heavy, medium or light racket? Made of Kevlar, carbon or simple graphite? Diamond, round or tear shape? 38mm or 36mm? These are some of the questions a beginning padel player is asking himself. Below there are some tips that are helpful when choosing a padel racket.
Peter Bruisjten Padel

Interview: Peter Bruijsten, Holland’s no. 1 ranked player

Peter Bruijsten is a typical Dutch guy from the east. Little words; no big words. Hardly ever speak about himself. He has, up to...
Padel Berlin

Maarsen-Verhagen, Bruijsten, scoring for Holland

Last weekend Dutch padel scored positive news both from the west and north. Several players toured other European countries looking for new challenges. Maarsen-Verhagen score...
Padel Hoorn

Padel Open Dag in Hoorn

Padel Open Dag in Hoorn, bij SportCentrum Hoorn, met clinics ieder uur en demos.    
Padel Bruisten

Bruijsten-Meijer, Champions x2

The Dutch no1 padel duo Bruijsten-Meijer continue their winning streak. On 25th and 26th of February Bruijsten-Meijer traveled once more to Germany looking for...
DAg van de Sport Accomodaties

Live Padel Demonstrations at the Day of the Sports Facilities

The Day of the Sports Facilities is one of the most important meeting places for anyone interested in the sports business in Holland. This...

NPB Official Padel Competition, more candidates?

The 2017 NPB Official Padel Competition is about to start. In our previous article we presented some of the strongest contenders to win the...

2017 NPB Official Padel Competition, who are the candidates?

The 2017 NPB Official Padel Competition is about to start. With it, it is time to start wondering and speculating as to which of...