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Best Padel Rackets, for Sinterklaas and Christmas

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If you are like most padel players, you dream about padel. “How can I play better?”, you probably wonder. A new racket may be helpful. With Christmas and Sinterklaas around the corner, you may even be tempted to ask the always generous Santa Claus or Sinterklaas to give you a nice padel racket as a present.

To help you select from the many possible rackets available, PadelCentrum.nl has made a list of some of the best padel rackets available around in the internet for very decent prices.

  1. Delta Pro, by Head: Delta Pro is the new racket designed for world no. 1 Fernando Delta ProBelasteguín. Produced by the world famous brand Head, this racket cannot go wrong. It is one of the most popular padel rackets in Spain among advanced and intermediate padel rackets. This model boasts a large sweet-spot, thus, it is a pro racket that is easy to handle. It also features a very aerodynamic shape. The racket is very strong thanks to the new Graphene XT material. If you are a beginner and a fan of Head, you may like to consider the Head Tornado 3.1 N2 Control.Dunlop Blast
  2. Blast, by Dunlop: Blast is a great padel racket for an incredible price. Dunlop is probably the brand that offers the best price/quality equation. It is a 38mm oversize racket, with a rather soft core, thus it is easy to utilize. This racket is utilized in 2016 by top ten pro player Juani Mieres. It offers an exceptional combination of power, control, comfort and durability. If you are looking for a Dunlop beginner’s racket you may want the new Dunlop Blaze Graphite, an oversize hybrid racket with a 38mm profile and a Super Flex core.
  3. 9.1 DRS Basalto 2016, by Star Vie. This is a racket utilized by professionals. It is a Star Vieround racket, oversize that offers great control in addition to “high power”. This combination is not common. The material utilized is Carbon in addition to the very innovative Basalto. The core is medium soft and utilizes the same DRS Pyramid aerodynamic technology utilized by formula 1 cars. In addition the face of the racket is rigged, thus there is great grip between the racket and the ball. This helps you imprint more slice to the ball. Finally, the racket looks super cool! Star Vie is the official padel brand of the World Padel Tour. If you are a beginner and a fan of Star Vie, you can try the Star Vie R 7.2 Text 2016.