Padel Racket

How to Choose a Padel Racket?

Should I buy a heavy, medium or light racket? Made of Kevlar, carbon or simple graphite? Diamond, round or tear shape? 38mm or 36mm? These are some of the questions a beginning padel player is asking himself. Below there are some tips that are helpful when choosing a padel racket.
Jolien Hak

Huberts-Hak & Bruijsten-Schuilenburg Champions in Gent, Belgium

During May 14th to 22nd of May, Padel4U, FIP and Padel Belgium organized the FIP 100 Padel Tournament at the facilities of Padel4U in...
Real Tennis

Real Tennis, the Grandfather of Padel

Real Tennis -also known as the Game of Kings or Court Tennis- is the grandfather of all the racket sports, including Padel. It has...

What happens when you start playing Padel from an early age?

When you start playing padel from an early age one thing happens: magic!

Padel arrives to Friesland

Padel, the racket sport that is rocking Holland, continues its march and spreads around the country. From the six locations available only three years...
FIP Padel

FIP Ranking: Full of Dutch!

Fourty two Dutch female and male players rank among the top five hundred in the FIP ranking published on 1st May. Some of them...
World Padel Tour

First Dutch Team to Compete at World Padel Tour

Peter Bruijsten and Bram Meijer are the first full Dutch team to compete in the World Padel Tour. On Saturday 30 April, in front...
Djokovic Padelvideo

Djokovic playing Padel in Madrid!

Novak Djokovic, no. 1 tennis player in the professional ATP Tennis Circuit, was spotted playing a demonstration with Padel legend Juan Martin Diaz. It...
Sanyo Paquito

Sanyo-Paquito: 2x Magic at WPT Valencia

Do you know Sanyo Gutierrez (Arg) and Paquito Navarro (Esp)? No? You better get to know them if you plan on seriously following professional...
FIP Padelbond

Holland to host Qualifications for World Cup Padel 2016

The Dutch Padel Federation (DPF) was assigned the organization of the Qualifications Round for the World Cup 2016, for the ladies category, by the...

Dutch Padel Federation and Tennis Federation Cooperate

The Dutch Padel Federation starts a cooperation with the Dutch Tennis Federation to increase and facilitate the development of padel in the country. both...