Padel Racket

How to Choose a Padel Racket?

Should I buy a heavy, medium or light racket? Made of Kevlar, carbon or simple graphite? Diamond, round or tear shape? 38mm or 36mm? These are some of the questions a beginning padel player is asking himself. Below there are some tips that are helpful when choosing a padel racket.
FIP Padel

FIP 250/ NPB Padel Tournament in The Hague

From 1-4th December La Playa Rijswijk organizes in cooperation with the Nederlandse Padelbond the FIP 250/ NPB Tournament Yoorna The tournament grants points...

Cool Advertisement: Belasteguin versus Lima, by Asics

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Padel Bruijsten-Meijervideo

Incredible Plays, Bruijsten-Meijer in Germany

Yes, be proud. Bruijsten-Meijer are 100% Dutch. Trained in Holland for the last four years with Norberto Nesi at Coronel Sports Huizen and La...
Bruijsten Padel

Bruijsten-Meijer win Masters Tournament in Germany

The Dutch duo Bruijsten-Meijer continues its winning streak by conquering the Masters Tournament in Cologne for the German Padel Series (GPS). The tournament took...

Play Padel like Max Verstappen should drive. Please don’t crash!

Last night I dream that I was Max Verstappen’s coach. In my adventure, I was teaching Max how to win a race by applying...

Padel on Water in Rotterdam

Padel is a fast growing and unique racket sport. As it continues to develop in Western Europe, a growing number of entrepreneurs and innovators...
Veteranen Padel

NL Veteranen Moving Forward

"Padel is for everybody", sustains the Nederlandse Padelbond. Following the trail of the Dutch National Teams -both ladies and gents-, the organization is preparing...

Bruijsten-Meijer Champions FIP100 Herne, Germany

Recovering from their defeat to the Austrian team that left Holland out of the World Padel Championship 2016, Bruijsten-Meijer took alone the German elite...

Holland, no ticket to World Padel Championship

The Dutch Padel National Team missed the last ticket to the World Padel Championship 2016 in Portugal.  During a face-off in Milan, Italy, Austria...