Padel EK

IX European Padel Championship – Information

Nine country delegations shall meet and compete to earn the European Padel Championship from 2-6 December 2015.  Nine male teams and seven female teams,...
Padel Racket

How to Choose a Padel Racket?

Should I buy a heavy, medium or light racket? Made of Kevlar, carbon or simple graphite? Diamond, round or tear shape? 38mm or 36mm? These are some of the questions a beginning padel player is asking himself. Below there are some tips that are helpful when choosing a padel racket.

Fernando Belasteguin Presents his New Racket

The Delta Pro is the new racquet designed for the world's no. 1 padel player Fernando Belasteguín. The Delta Pro is produced by Head....
Padel Huizen 2016

Nowicki/Sotiriu & Hak/Paashuis Champions at Padel FIP Huizen

Fifty participants competed during 20-21st March in the panoramic Padel Courts of Coronel Sports in Huizen for the Huizen Padel Fip 100 Championship. Padel players...

Interview with Grand Slam and Davis Cup Winner Jamie Murray

That padel grows around the world is a known fact. More and more tennis pro's step over into this growing racket sport looking for...
World Padel Tour

World Padel Tour in 2016

The World Padel Tour, the highest competition in the padel sport, comes back in 2016 reloaded and full of news. First of all, the tournament...
Padel Den Haagvideo

Padel at Sportcentrum Leeuwenbergh, The Hague

Tennis and Padel Centrum Leeuwenbergh is located in the neighburhood of Rijswijk, The Hague. This sportspark has since 2015 four padel courts, in addition...

Bruijsten-Beltman & Koek-Schuttelaar Champions at La Playa

On 5th & 6th March 92 padel players, distributed in four categories, participated in the NPB La Playa Rijswijk Padel Tournament. The...
Padel Gedichten

Padel Poetry

There is people in Holland that are addicted to padel. This anonymous person is surely one of them.  But he is a multi-talented person....
Padel La Playa

Tournament in La Playa Rijswijk

On 5th and 6th March, La Playa Rijswijk organizes the first Padel tournament of 2016. Today we sit down with the man behind La...

European Championship in Video

Nice video from the perspective from the European Champion, France, for the cathegory men. As reported by Padel Magazine France.

Learn to defend to control the match

An old mentor once explained me that in padel you control de match from the defense and you propose a playing style from the...