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World Open Padel Championship Cancelled


It has been days of a lot of negotiations and intense efforts made by the International Padel Federation, who tried to rescue the already suspended tournament. Sadly, FIP yesterday informed that this great padel tournament is definitely cancelled. Below the original text, as published by the International Padel Federation.

“We the International Padel Federation (IPF) regret to inform you that since receiving notice from the PPT, firstly to us and then publically, declaring that they would cease their efforts to organize the World Open Championships in Malaga this upcoming 9th to 15th of November our talks and efforts by the IPF board to salvage the event have been fruitless and unsuccessful in trying to reach an agreement that would guarantee the staging of the event.  We again underline, as already done in previous communications, for reasons that are completely outside the reach of the FIP.

The International Padel Federation want to make it perfectly clear to the Padel World in general, that this occurrence is totally unprecedented and that we do not agree in any way with this decision, and that we did everything in our power to try to reverse it, and we will always continue with our commitment to support the development of the padel in the world, for all athletes and National Federations.

We also very much appreciate the support, solidarity and efforts by all who quickly joined in our effort to stage the event, and once again the media that transmitted information with proper objectivity and good faith. And of course hoping to soon have some excellent news in reference to future International Padel events.

Regardless, all players who have signed up and will visit Malaga during the week, will invite all to participate in a series of friendly padel matches to be held in one of the clubs that was slated to host the event: The Capellania, will put on training sessions, clinics, matches between participants and unofficial daily tournaments will be organized.We are asking for email confirmation from those who have decided to visit Malaga.


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