Padel Milan

NPB to designate two teams to compete in Milan

Norberto Nesi, President of the Dutch Padel Federation (NPB), announced today an agreement with Lino Dell, Director at OkPadel Milan. By this agreement, the...

Padel scores big, at the Ricoh Tennis Open

The Ricoh Tennis Open 2017 at Rosmalen surprised visitors this year with the presentation of two padel courts. The courts were installed and financed...
Padel FIP

Czech Republic and Poland are in, FIP grows

During this week the International Padel Federation (FIP) expanded further to welcome the Czech Republic and Poland.  The family of Padel nations, including Holland's...
Padel Veterans

NPB Padel Veterans, re-energized by Padel

One of the known strengths of Padel is that it is attractive to sporters of all ages. With this in mind, the Nederlandse Padelbond...
Padel Gent

Orange Padel invaded Gent’s Padel Tournament

A crowd of Dutch padel players participated in the FIP 250 Tibeflex Open in Belgium during the weekend of 14th of May. The tournament...
Peter Bruisjten Padel

Interview: Peter Bruijsten, Holland’s no. 1 ranked player

Peter Bruijsten is a typical Dutch guy from the east. Little words; no big words. Hardly ever speak about himself. He has, up to...
Padel Berlin

Maarsen-Verhagen, Bruijsten, scoring for Holland

Last weekend Dutch padel scored positive news both from the west and north. Several players toured other European countries looking for new challenges. Maarsen-Verhagen score...
Padel Hoorn

Padel Open Dag in Hoorn

Padel Open Dag in Hoorn, bij SportCentrum Hoorn, met clinics ieder uur en demos.