FIP Padelbond

The Dutch Padel Federation (DPF) was assigned the organization of the Qualifications Round for the World Cup 2016, for the ladies category, by the International Padel Federation.

The event will take place from 10th to 12th June in Rijswijk-The Hague at La Playa. The Qualifications take place in two host countries, one of them being in Holland, and the second one in Gent, Belgium.

The winners of the Qualification in each host country shall participate in the World Cup 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal on 14 to 20th november.

International events contribute to the development of Padel

The DPF succesfully governs and regulates padel in Holland.  Following the organization of the European Padel Championship in December 2016, the DPF continues to play an important role in the international padel arena with the goal of promoting padel in Holland.

Norberto Nesi, President DPF: “… International events attract attention, which in turn bring new players, clubs and sponsors closer to the sport.  This is precisely what happened during the European Padel Championship 2015 and resulted in more padel courts and consumption of padel related articles. We will continue to create a good scenario for the sport to grow further…”

Daniel Patti, President of FIP said over their decision to grant the organization of this event to the Dutch Padel Federation: “We choose for DPF because of their reliability and good facilities. This became clear to us during the European Championships organized in Holland.  The DPF is an important supporter of FIP”

With regards to the gentlemen category, the qualifications will take place in Switzerland and Lithuania.

Padel in Nederland