The 2017 NPB Official Padel Competition is about to start. In our previous article we presented some of the strongest contenders to win the competition. In this second article we analyze more teams that make a chance to the title at the advanced category.

Quick Tennis and Padel may be the fastest to reach the top

Following its name, Quick Tennis and Padel club was surely fast to assemble a strong team. Quick got together with National Padel Team Captain Peter Bruijsten –who is ranked no1 in the Dutch Padel Circuit since 2015- to build a group of very experienced international Padel players. Berend Boers and Joost Snellink are two known faces in the European Padel circuit. They are used to facing most of the highest level padel players in north and western Europe. In the recent past they represented Holland in the World and European Padel Championships. The team is completed by former National team member Coen Beltman. Thou the “tukkers” are a very strong group and high level padel players, can they cope with the fact that they are only four players? They cannot afford any injuries and they will have limited rotation of players.

Other teams and players worth following

Another highlight of the competition is LTVL Heren 1, which includes Dutch National Veteran’s Team Captain Pjotr van Dalfsen. He is one of the fastest developing padel players in the 45+ category. Strong and athletic Leander van der Vaart plays for Play Padel Team 1. He is joined by the always clever Erik de Wit and Kristian Windhal. Padel Dam Amsterdam Chicas features some of the best padel ladies in Holland, such as Cynthia Dekker, Yvonne Peeters, Fleur van Hasteren and Kim Heneweer. Finally, TEZ’s team Captain Bram Meijer is ranked no.2 in the Dutch Padel Circuit. He put together a mixed group of intermediate players and high level tennis players, including boys tennis doubles champion of the 2010 Australian Open Justin Eleveld.