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Padel for Veterans Day

Padel VEteranen

On 12th December 2016, the Dutch Padel Federation organized “The Veterans Day” as a selection phase into what will become the Veterans National Team 2017. This event is part of the “Heroes and Besturders Program” that the Dutch Padel Federation successfully started implementing in 2012. This programs aims into promoting Padel at every segment of the sports community through building National Teams and “Padel Heroes”. They become true ambassadors of the sport and the Dutch Padel Federation. It is their responsibility to bring others to the padel court and make many more enthusiastic about padel and the Dutch Padel Federation. Participants from every corner of Holland joined the event, including representatives from TPC Maaspoort, LTVL Lelystad, TEZ Enschede, LTC Leeuwenberg, La Playa Rijswijk and TV Beekhuizen. The “Veterans National Team” follows the steps of the Gentlemen National Team and Ladies National Team programs.

The event was organized by Pjotr van Dalftsen (program manager), Norberto Nesi (National Team Coach/President) and Alex Luneman (Advisor). The final list of selected candidates that will comprise the Veterans National Team will be announced by the Dutch Padel Federation before 24th December 2016. The Veterans National Team will train monthly and gather to play at different locations throughout Holland with the goal of promoting the sport in different cities and help the club members of the Dutch Padel Federation to recruit new players.