1 barkeeper, 3056 cocktails. 12 hours. Weltrekordversuch. That’s what we saw in Trier when we entered the city. Apparently, in the center they tried to break the world record selling cocktails. We came for something else…
1 tickets. 1 winner. Our last chance to quality for the masters 2013. That’s what we came for!

The current number 1 from Germany Fabian and his partner Lars were the highest favourites for the title in Trier. Our buddies Joost&Berend and Coen and me were just outsiders. A very strong competition, including 2 naturalized guys from Spain, the local tenniscoach and some youngstars. 9 teams divided in 3 groups.

Coen and me started in Trier. The area, with 21 tenniscourts, a huge clubhouse and a beacharena, offered one tenniscourt for the first padelcourt. A nice surrounding for sports. A good weather, no wind and we were more than ready. We won both groupmatches in straight sets.

Joost and Berend had a tough one with playing Fabian and Lars. Unfortunately they did not win, but 2 teams qualified for the quarterfinals. At the end of the first day we played both the quarterfinals. We won both from some German guys: that’s is a very nice feeling!

On Sunday we played the semifinals. Coen and me needed to play against Fabian and Lars. We knew what we needed to do. Working as hard as we can, they are very patiently and hit every ball back. Coen and me played very nice and won the set with 6-3. One break was enough! But, in the second set was one break sufficient as well. For the germans though. 4-6. We played well, but we lost the set. How did that happen? We fought like lions and won the third with 6-2. Unbelievable, we kicked the number one from Germany out of the tournament and we entered the final!

Berend en Joost won from the local tenniscoach, who played the semifinales during the Masters last year. They won 7-5 and 6-0, which cost Coen and me a some bottles of German beer. We said if you win with zero zero, we owe you 24 bottles. Now we owe them just some bottles…

So, a complete Dutch finales. That’s what we came for. At least one complete Dutch team going to the Masters in Koln. Last week we had a beautiful fight in Berlin, where Joost and Berend were slightly better.

Unfortunately, we could not hold the good game from the semi’s, Joost and Berend just played better and won 6-3 and 6-4. They won the ticket for the masters.

We celebrated this with tournament sponsor Bittburger 0,0%. But not me. The organization saw my disappointment and asked if I had a good tournament. I answered him: . Wenn man die finale verliert, hat man kein Spass. But you do not need to explain that to the Germans…

We congratulate Berend and Joost and goodluck in Koln. This weekend we will fight for the Dutch championchip in Den Bosch. Hopefully we will have a revanche!

Peter Bruijsten

Peter Bruijsten is guest reporter. He is a member of the Dutch National Padel Team.

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