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International Tournament in Lelystad

Lawn Tennis Vereniging Lelystad (LTVL) organizes from 7th to 10th July the International LTVL Padel Tournament, in partnership with the Nederlandse Padelbond and International Padel Federation. This is the first time LTVL organizes an International Padel tournament.

According to Joost van der Toorn, responsible for the padel section at LTVL and Tournament Director, the competition promises to be a great success. More than sixty participants are expected to compete divided in several categories, including beginners, intermediates, ladies and international competition.  This is surely a great number of participants for a new sport, in a new club.

International Players

Specifically with regards to the international competition, this category promises to deliver a great show.  Some of the best padel players in Holland agreed to participate in the tournament, including Dutch no.1 Peter Bruijsten and no.2 Bram Meijer. Other remarkable good dutch players that will be present are Berend Boers from Enschede and talented newcomer Jeroen Nigten, from The Hague.  Andreas Johansson, high ranked Swedish player and former table tennis pro will also compete as well as some elite players from Belgium.

LTVL has built two padel courts in 2016, which are the first in the region. The courts are attracting the attention of neighboring sports centers interested in the sport.

Inscriptions to the tournament are open till 27th of June via setteo.com