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LTVL 1, Doordriers 1, TC Daalmeer are National Champions

The Nederlandse Padelbond organizes twice per year a National Team Competitions. In the recently finished competition more than five hundred participants took on the challenge, divided in groups and three levels.  Last week the finals took place at the modern facilities of LTVL Lelystad and ATC Dronten.

1st Class

The semi-final saw LTVL Heren 1 in the court against RCH Padel Zat 1. The guys from Pieter Hermus, strengthened by National Team Veterans Pjotr van Dalftsen and Belgian Marnick Ryckaert, passed to the semi final with a final score of 3-1.  In the other sem-final another team of Houten, RCH Padel Zon 2 played against Marcel’s Bogaart and co: La Playa 2.  La Playa reached the final, 3-1.

The final saw the two strongest teams of the National Competition facing each other. The final score favored the locals from Lelystad, who won 4-0.

2nd Class

Eight teams competed in a simple elimination draw for this category, including Padel Dam 2, Padel Alphen 2, Victoria High Potentials, LTVL Adidas Padel 1, Victoria Team 1, Padel Susteren 2, ATC Dronten Padel 1 and Doordraaiers 1.  All quarter finals cruised easily to the semi-final with clear 4-0 scores except Victoria High Potentials, who passed with closer 3-1. 2In the semi-final we saw more of the same when the Amsterdamers from Padel Dam met the Adidas boyz and girls from Lelystad. The score was 3-1 for Adidas.  For the second semi-final Doordriers moved forward fast to the final with a 4-0 score against the team from Susteren.

The final was from another class. There were no easy matches anymore and the final score was 2-2 for Doordriers. They took the trophy to Houten favored by a better games difference.

3rd Class

The third class is the home of the beginners of the competition. They gain experience as they start competing against new opponents.  For the first semi-final team Elckerlyc 3   faced team Elckerlyc 4, from from the city of Purmerend.  Elckerlyc 3 won 3-1. 3

For the second semi-final, Team Simoove TC Daalmeer 4 was superior to ATC Dronten 2, with a final score of 3-1.  The final showed two teams of similar levels, Elckerlyc 3 and Team Simoove TC Daalmeer 4, who tied at 2-2. At the end, Team Simoove TC Daalmeer 4 took the trophy to Daalmeer due to the games difference.