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Players to Watch


There will be more than one hundred padel players from nine countries at the IX European Padel Championship. Some of them highly experienced with padel and others thou experienced in the tennis field, still making a transition to padel. It is very interesting to compare skills of one versus the others as well as to evaluate their strongest skills and weaker techniques.

Hereby we point you at six among some of the most interesting padel players you may want to follow:

Ana Catarina Nogueira (POR)
Ana Catarina has a tennis background; however, she is possibly the most experienced padel player amongst all the competing padel players. Additionally, she is the highest ranked padel player in the tournament at no. 19 World Padel Tour. Being used to competing against the best padel players in the world, clearly she has the diplomas and skills to be one of the players to be watched and possibly one of the best in the tournament.

Peter Bruijsten (NL)
Peter started his transition into padel three years ago. Owner of an unconventional and deceiving style for gripping the racket, he found his playing style in managing the tempo of the matches and counter attacking his opponents. Not for nothing his nickname is “El Conejo”, or in English “The Rabbit”. Follow him around the tournament to see him jumping around and outside the court to surprise his opponents

Darek Nowicki (GER)
Darek was gifted with an iron made pulse. Typically a padel player would move north and south, alternating attacking and defensive positions; but not Darek. He stays there, in the middle of the court, volleying everything. Throw him a sink and he will return a locomotive at you.

Anton Andersson (SWE)
Former US college tennis circuit player, Anton is a physically gifted padel player. He hammers his opponents hard with his power smash even up deep from a defensive position.

Olivier and Cristophe Rochus (BE)
These two former tennis pros started playing padel intensively nearly one year ago. Thou they have difficulty playing elegantly when the ball bounces on the wall, they are extremely mobile. Their swift and sharp tennis forehand is fearful.