Rochus Padel

The list of tennis players around Europe that join the padel sport grows daily. To the likes of former no. 1 ATP Tour Juan Carlos Ferrero trying his luck at the World Padel Tour, many other former pros follow his path. Furthermore, there are few that are joining national padel teams. Few of them will take action in The Hague during the IX European Padel Championship.

The group of champions in The Hague is lead by US Open Doubles Finalist Sandrine Testud (ITA), who ranked no 9 WTA Singles in 2000. Nowadays she is the captain of the Italian Padel Team. Among the gentlemen, Olivier and Cristophe Rochus (BE), ranked 24 and 38 ATP Tour respectively, will be the shining tennis stars testing their skills in a padel court.

Other high ranked tennis players that can be spotted at the IX European Padel Championship are:

Justine Ozga (GER), no. 259 WTA 2007
Marcella Koek (NL), no. 396 WTA 2010
Darek Nowicki (GER), no. 757 ATP 1992 and Davis Cup (POL)
Anton Anderson (SWE), college tennis USA
Tracy Castillo (GER), college tennis USA