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The drop shot -more known in Padel as Sleeper or Dormilona is Spanish- is a widely utilized stroke in Padel. It can be used in two situations:

1. When counter attacking: As the balls flies towards the player, after hitting the back wall, his opponents will expect a fast shot. Playing a drop shot is a nice and simple way to surprise your opponents. Also, you are making use of the space that there is between the net and your opponents. As you play in this “empty space” your opponents are unlikely to reach the ball. This video is a nice example of this situation.
2. When attacking: if there is a wide space between your opponents and the net, there is a good opportunity to play a drop shot. A drop shot is typically used after playing a deep shot, which will move your opponents to the back of the court, thus, creating the above mentioned space between your opponent and the net.

It is worth mentioning that thou for the sake of showing this technique I call it “dropshot” the proper name in padel is “sleeper” or “dormilona”. The technique is slightly different to the tennis dropshot.   If you want to learn how to play a “sleeper”, read this article.

Enjoy Padel!