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What is Padel?

Padel is a racket sport. It originated in 1962 in the Mexican city of Acapulco. Enrique Corcuera, a wealthy Mexican businessman, changed the layout of the tennis court, the tennis racquets and the track dimensions transforming the tennis into the sport we know today as Padel.

Initially it was only played by the Mexican elite. But the Spanish monarchy brought the sport to Spain, where it quickly became popular. Today more than 9 million people play it in 24 countries. And that number keeps growing. Recently it was introduced by independent entrepreneurs into new countries such as The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, England, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the United States. It is today one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In The Netherlands it was introduced in 2006 by football trainer Guus Hiddink, who build the first non-official padel court at the training center of football club PSV Eindhoven.

Eerste Padelbaan
Eerste Padelbaan

Padel is played by teams of two against two. The rackets are made of graphite, kevlar or carbon, and they don’t have  strings. The ball utilized is very similar to a tennis ball. In contrast with tennis, the ball hardly ever leaves the field as players are surrounded by a cage-like structure with glass walls -or concrete- on the baseline side.

Padel is easy to learn & suitable for all ages

The scoring, as well as many other rules, is the same as in tennis, But there are also differences: the cage-like field, easy to handle racket and service under the waist makes padel easy to learn.  Novice players quickly enjoy the sport: the rallies are three to four times longer than tennis. Plus, since the game is physically less demanding than squash, it is also suitable for all ages.

IT is easy to learn and has a high “fun factor”

Padel ValenciaMajor tournaments

The sport is internationally regulated by the International Padel Federation, with 28 national federations duly registered. Every two years world championships are organized, both for women and men, by country teams and individual teams.  Other major  tournaments, which also attract tens of thousands of spectators, are: the European Cup, the World Padel Tour, the Mercosur Cup and the Tri-Nations Cup in Latin America.  In The Netherlands the Nederlandse Padelbond is the governing body of the sport.

“to play at advanced level, you need to play “simple”. This is the challenge: playing simple is difficult and Complicated”, Norberto NEsi