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Rules of Padel

Rules of Padel

These short lines are intended as basic rules of the sport.

General Rules

Padel is played in doubles.


The scoring process is the same as in tennis, 15, 30, and 40 games with deuce at 40-40. Then, as in tennis it is necessary to score two consecutive points to win the game. Padel matches are usually played to “best-of-three ” sets, where a set is won by the first team to win six games with two games of difference. At a 6-6 games score a tie-break is played. The first one to add seven points is the winner, but a minimum difference of two points is required.


The serve must be carried as follows. The player who serves (the server) must have both feet behind the service line between the central service line and the side wall. The ball  is served over the net diagonally  into the opposite service area, the ball must bounce inside or on the line which limits the service  box.  The first serve being from the right hand side after which the ball is served from alternate sides.

The serving player must bounce the ball behind the service line and in the area between the central line and the side wall.

At the moment of serving the player must hit the ball at or below waist level and at the time of hitting the ball must have at least one foot on the ground.  When serving the player ( server) may not walk run or jump, small movements which do not affect the initial stance not being considered a change of position.

After execution of the service, the ball must bounce once before the service line of the opposing team (which limited the service box of 7x5m), between the center and the side wall.  After bouncing on the ground, the ball can then hit the wall, but not the fence (service error). The recipient can choose to play the ball back before or after the ball has hit the wall. Once the ball has bounced in the box correctly and was properly returned, the rally continues on the two halves of  the field.

If the ball for a first or second serve touch the net works and then in the correct service box lands, the storage replayed.


During rallies, the ball may hit the ground only once. A player may choose to let the ball bounce the ball on the ground or volley before the bounce.  The ball may not bounce on the walls before bouncing first on the ground; that would be out of play. After the ball has bounced on the ground, it may bounce on the wall or mesh, and later be hit back to the other side of the court.

If the ball bounces on the ground and later flies over the back wall (4 meters) or fencing (3 meters), it is usually a point, but players may run outside the court to return the ball to the field.  Play continues with these rules, until the ball bounces twice on the ground or the ball is hit out of the field