After weeks of hard work and detailed organization, the Nederlandse Padelbond closed the inscription to the 2017 NPB Official Padel Competition. With more than one hundred and fifty two hundred and sixty! participants from twenty-five cities, the tournament raises the bar to become the largest padel competition registered to date.

Amount of Participants

Consulted on the number of inscriptions, Norberto Nesi, President of the Dutch Padel Federation, said: “… we are very satisfied by the number and quality of teams that inscribed in the 2017 Official Padel Competition. They are all padel players that share great enthusiasm for padel and embrace the sport as it is: unique and independent. It is great to see us moving forward into the future.”


The competition features three categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Both men and women participate in a single category. Two of the highlights of the tournament are team Padel Dam Amsterdam Chicas and Play Padel Team 3. The teams are led by Kim Heneweer-van Duin and newcomer Karlijn Dalhuijsen respectively. Both comprise only women. Further, most of the best padel players in the country committed to play for clubs from all over Holland, including TEZ Enschede, Quick Tennis & Padel and La Playa, among many others.

The Draft

The teams will play several rounds around the country. “… I hope that the teams enjoy the competition. We created it to facilitate as much playing time as possible considering the geographic locations of the teams”, said Competition Director Willem Best.
The groups and schedule will be announced in the coming days at and Setteo