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Bruijsten-Boers, champions again in Germany

Peter Bruijsten Padel

Following their championship in the city of Cologne, for the FIP 100 II WALLS PADEL OPEN on 11th of March, the no.1 ranked team in Holland, continue their winning streak. Last weekend, in the city of Munster, for the German Padel Circuit, the duo achieved championship after defeating five members of the German National Team. In the final they faced the no.1 seed Darek Nowocki and David Lingen. The final result was for the Dutch: 7-5 6-4. They completed the tournament without loosing any single set.

Impressive streak by Bruijsten

Since 2016, Bruijsten has been building quite a reputation in Germany. With different partners, including four with Bram Meijer, one with Swedish Andreas Bear and two with current teamate Berend Boers, Bruijsten has amazed seven consecutive trophies in Cologne, Germany, including two German Masters. Understandably, some of the German players call him “Unpeatable”.

“I do not know how long I will be able to continue this streak… somebody will defeat me. It is a matter of time. In sports we all know that loosing is part of your job”, Peter Bruijsten

Next weekend Peter Bruijsten and Berend Boers will be heading to Sweden. They will compete at the Swedish Padel Tour, Helsinborg.