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Interview: Marcel Bogaart

Marcel Bogaart Padel

Marcel Bogaart is captain of the Dutch National Padel Team and one of the most fanatic, persistent and driven padel players in Holland. He started playing padel nearly two years ago and these days he is getting ready to participate in the 1st Dutch Open Padel.  Here four short and fast questions to the great Marcel:

1. Why do you play padel?
 Because it gives me pleasure
2. How often do you train and how? Do you have a coach?
I train 2 times a week, plus physical training. My coach is Norberto Nesi
3. Why did you decide to team up with the young player Bram Meijers?
Nobody else wanted to team up with me. Coen Beltman, whom  I normally play with, will teams up with Peter Bruijsten. Joost Snellink and Berend Boers are a fixed team. Bram is a good choice but we have not played many times together.
4. How do you assess your chances in the Dutch Open versus other good dutch players like Joost Snellink, Coen Beltman and Berend Boers? Or even perhaps the top Swedish and German players?

I think we are potential winners of the tournament. I will be tough, but we will do our best. I have learned a lot by playing high level tournaments and am confident I am a better player than I used to be. Bram is improving too, so we will see.

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