Jolien Hak

During May 14th to 22nd of May, Padel4U, FIP and Padel Belgium organized the FIP 100 Padel Tournament at the facilities of Padel4U in Gent, Belgium. Divided in seven categories, more than 180 participants competed for the Tibeflex Open 2016. The tournament attracted the interest of numerous players and visitors from several countries. At the end, the two highest categories in the championship were dominated by Dutch participants.

Peter Kees JanFor the male category, Bruijsten (NL)-Schuilenburg(NL) defeated in the semi-final the favorites in the tournament, the Spanish duo Sanchez (Spa)-Delange (Spa) for a convincing 6-2 6-0. In the final, the dutch defeated the popular padel player Xavi Colomina (Esp) with his teammate, tennis international coach, Pablo Abarca (Chi) for a 7-6 6-4. Other Dutch participants included the upcoming Jeroen Froma (NL) and Ewan Watson (NL) who lost in quarterfinals against the finalists Abarca-Colomina.

The highest ladies category was won by the captain of the Women’s Padel National Team Cindy Huberts (NL) and her partner from TCP Maasport’s Den Bosch Jolien Hak (NL). They defeated the no1 Belgians Celine Debruyne (Bel) & Jana Bonnarens (Bel).

Full Results

Dubbel heren A+ FIP100:
Peter Bruijsten (NL) & Kees-Jan Schuilenburg (NL)
Juan Pablo Abarca (Chili) & Xavi Colomina (ESP)

Dubbel dames A+ FIP100:
Jolien Hak & Cindy Huberts
Celine Debruyne & Jana Bonnarens

Dubbel heren A:
Nicola Masson & Frederik Houpe
Bert Roosens & Marnix Vander Haegen

Dubbel dames A:
Els Verstraeten & Mieke Van Damme
Ann Van Steenkiste & Inge Marichal

Dubbel heren B:
Stephane Schoofs & Jean-Francois Pace
Steven Welvaert & Kristof Vandesteene

Dubbel dames B:
Tine Ceusters & Marijke Reunes
Mientje Braem & Heidi Arijs

Dubbel heren C:
Juan Macho & Mario Cao Cueto
Dirk Braet & Koen Vandenberghe