Juan Martín Díaz is considered one of the best players in the padel history due to his creativity and skills added to an extensive list of titles. His reflexes are incredibly fast and his technique is perfect. The show on the court is guaranteed.

Juan was born on 28 November 1975, in Mar del Plata, Argentina . He is also Spanish due to his family roots and has lived in Madrid for more than a decade. He has always had the same sporty spirit. As a child, he wanted to be a tennis player and the Davis Cup was his big aim. He spent long hours at the Sport Club playing tennis with his friends.

By the end 1980’s, padel was being introduced in Argentina. It has gained rapid recognition due to its simplicity and similarities to other popular racket sports. Thus, he started playing this new sport and little by little he was giving up tennis to fully dedicate to paddle.

Together with his first partners, Ezequiel Lorenzo and Leo Padevoni , he began developing his skills and creativity on the court which made him a dangerous and gifted rival for the professional players of that time.

By 1994 he gave his first step to the professional padel with Alejandro Sanz , who invited him to be his partner. By those years Alejandro was (and he still is) the idol for many professional players, a legend of this sport known as “el Mago” (the Magician) for his extraordinary talent on the court. Juan was also a great fan of him and had the pleasure to be his partner up to 1995.

Juan Martin continued his professional career with the unconditional support of his family. A couple of years later, he moved to Spain where was picked for the Spanish team. He would play as a Spanish player in the 1998 World Padel Championship in his home town, Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires).

He has been developing his professional career in Spain where he’s achieved a great popularity and recognition in this sport.

Since 2002, he has been Fernando Belasteguin’s partner and together form an unbeatable duo in most tournaments of the professional circuit of Spain, the Padel Pro Tour (PPT).

They have been the only couple in the padel history to have won 23 consecutive tournaments during one year and nine months. Along with intense training they have become one of the best male padel couple on a global scale.

His prodigious reflexes, impeccable physical condition and his innate virtues to develop innovations make him one of the world’s most successful padel players.  Juan Martin is sponsored by Land Rover, Sony Pictures, Vision and Air Europa, among others.

Source: www.JuanMartinDiaz.com