The best padel players in the world met in Madrid to compete for the 2010 Master Padel Championship 2010. For the men category, eight teams met in a group phase. The winner and runner up of each group advanced to the semi-finals: Mieres-Lima, Belasteguin-JM Diaz, Gutierrez-Poggi and Lamperti-M Diaz.  In the final, Belasteguin-JM Diaz defeated the ascending Mieres-Lima 6-3 6-4 extending the reign of this legendary team to almost ten years at the top of the professional ranking.

The level of play of these padel players is incredibly high. One could very well compare the athletic performance of these padel players to the spectacular skills of NBA athletes. The reflexes, flexibility and speed of these padel players are extreme.  Running out of the court twice during one rally are not surprising anymore. It is a show worth seeing.

For the female category, the best four teams met to compete in a single elimination draw: Alayeto-Reiter, Pavon-Salazar, Montes-Laguno and Eyheraguibel-Campus.  Montes-Laguno defeated in the final Eyheraguibel-Campus 6-4 7-5.


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