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New Padel Initiative, W Padel

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe. At professional level, we can see athletic young guys jumping in and around the court, running outside the field and playing all sorts of nice tricks.  And yet, there is something missing: the ladies.

Despite the fact that female padel is popular in Spain, professional ladies have gotten little attention from media, sponsors and public.  Players have been complaining about this for years.  Determined to change this, World Padel Tour, Reebok Sports Club La Finca and professional padel players got together to launch a number of initiatives aimed at giving female padel the attention that it deserves.  The Madrid Wopen 2018 is the first ladies only tournament.  Fifty six teams will compete from 26th to 30th of September.  The event follows a nationwide marketing campaign named “W”.  

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