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One of the biggest names in Dutch Padel, is he back?

Marcel Bogaart Padel

He has built a reputation for being one of the most passionate and competitive padel players in Holland.  His drive, both inside and outside of the court, made him a recognizable name in the early days of padel.  But a persistent injury pushed him to the sidelines.  Reaching the final of the NPB 100 La Playa Championship last week, Marcel Bogaart seems to be back to playing competitive padel.

“I was really happy to compete again. We played a good Tournament”, Marcel Bogaart.

His troubles started nearly three years ago. As he trained harder, what started as a mild annoyance, slowly became a serious concern. His forearm was in pain.  Nevertheless, with the help of treatment and medication he managed to participate in the 2014 World Championship and 2016 World Championship Qualifications in Italy and Lithuania. Furthermore, during the 2014 World Padel Championship Qualifications in Gent, Belgium, despite his troubles, he delivered an important win against England that helped Holland qualify for its first World Cup participation. It was all fun, until one day he had to accept what his body was asking for: rest.

In the past he partnered with Coen Beltman, Greg Cheng and later with Bram Meijer (2).  Today he is partnering with Wouter van de Ridder (27) and Belgian Marnick Ryckaert (26).

“My plan is to play more tournaments and see how far I can go”, Marcel Bogaart.

Marcel Bogaart Padel
Marcel Bogaart, back to competitive padel during the NPB La Playa Championship