Padel Malaga

Yesterday was a sad day for padel. The growing pains of this fast growing sport came to light. The organizer of the event, Padel Pro Tour (PPT), decided to suspend the event. With little explanation, PPT published on their website a brief announcement explaining that due to a disagreement with the coalition of professional padel players, they would cancel the event.  Apparently, the professional padel players demanded prices comparable to the World Padel Tour. PPT responded that such prices were not possible, and therefore, decided to cancel this great padel event.

The role of FIP

The International Padel Federation (FIP) is the owner of the event. Several years ago FIP signed a cooperation agreement with PPT that would allow this private company to organize and promote the World Open Padel.

This morning FIP issued an official statement expressing surprise and disagreement with the decision taken by PPT.  It also explained that the organization of the World Open Championship is key to the international development of padel. Many international players already committed to participating in it and it is not acceptable to, so lightly, cancel the event.

At this time FIP is trying to save the event by mediating between the parties or finding an alternative solution. In light of the the short time till the initiation of all competitions, it is unlikely that a solution will be reached.  Nevertheless, FIP is working on it and committed to either find a solution or definitely canceling the event on a short notice.