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World Padel Tour, Introducing The Gold Point

According to the organization, the change is aimed to bring more intensity, thrill and show to the sport

Gold Point Padel

With a cool soundtrack and flashy video editing, the World Padel Tour announced the Gold Point.  The change represents the biggest modification to the rules of professional padel since the out-of-court play was introduced.

According to World Padel Tour, the new rule was designed to boost the game.  WPT explains that whenever the score of the game reaches 40-40, the decisive Gold Point will be played.  Then the receiving couple chooses in which side they will return the service. The winners of the Gold Point win the game.

According to World Padel Tour’s General Director Mario Hernandez “.. World Padel Tour is a competition that is constantly evolving. In previous seasons we decided to modify the official court or the type of grass, this year we introduced the Gold Point with the same objective: to energize the game and make it more attractive for fans who enjoy it live and for those who follow it through television or streaming ”

World Padel Tour promises that the change will, in their own words, bring “+Thrill +Intensity +Show”.