Bruijsten-Meijer Padel

The most dominating padel team in Holland is there no more. Without any press conferences, or big facebook statements, they stopped playing together. They are Peter Bruijsten and Bram Meijer, the no1 padel team in Holland.

They teamed up for the first time in 2015. Bram Meijer was then a somewhat inexperienced padel player. At that time, Bram was finishing his partnership with Marcel Bogaart, who had fulfilled his role at leading Bram from absolute inexperience into some degree of competitive level.

Peter’s case was somewhat different. He was older in age and was more used to leading a team. He was coincidentally looking for a new partner. Coen Beltman, his previous partner, had just decided to put a stop to his padel career.

With the prospects of participating in the World Padel Championship 2016 they teamed up under the supervision of coach Norberto Nesi. Their achievements since then were impressive. They held together the no.1 position in the Dutch Padel Ranking ever since then. The won every tournament possible in Holland for more than two years. In addition, they even impressed our German neighbors by winning three tournaments for the German Circuit, including their 2016 German Padel Master.

Bram Meijer Padel

“… it is my goal to reach ranking 250 in the World Padel Tour…”, Bram Meijer.

But now they are moving forward. Their roads seem to be going in different directions. Bram Meijer went on to train in Bilbao, Spain, with the goal in mind of competing in the prestigious Spanish World Padel Tour. He will partner with Dutch fellow man Uriel Maarsen. At the same time, he has expressed that he will play the Dutch circuit with Jim Kwakkel.Peter BruijstenWith regards to Peter Bruijsten, he has announced a new partnership with Berend Boers. Together they will play the Dutch Padel Circuit as well as participate in tournaments in Belgium and Germany.