Padel Nederland

Some of them started nearly three years ago, most of them with a tennis background. They have been training long hours ever since then to slowly become the best players of a sport that in Holland, and around the world, grows fast: Padel

Nowadays nine guys comprise the Dutch National Padel Team. In 2015 they trained together at Coronel Sports, Huizen during the outdoor season and at La Playa Rijswijk during the windy and colder times.

“They have made great progress. I remember when I met them for the first time during a selection day. They could not play padel at all. They would play minitenis in the padel court. But they were young, committed and enthusiastic. Look at them now. They are the elite of this fast growing sport in Holland and among the best amateurs in Western and Northern Europe. We should all be proud of their progress”, said National Team Coach Norberto Nesi, Dutch Padel Federation.

The IX European Padel Championship is around the corner. From 2-6 December a group of seven of these guys will have the responsibility and privilege of representing their country in this tournament. To make things more interesting, they will be playing in their home country supported by the always fanatic and loyal orange supporters.

The team that will represent Holland during the upcoming IX European Padel Championship is comprised by Joost Snellink, Marcel Bogaart, Peter Bruijsten, Piet Koetsier, Coen Beltman, Bram Meijer and Berend Boers. Other members of the National Team are Bart Mees and Joost Ramsdonk.