The Delta Pro is the new racquet designed for the world’s no. 1 padel player Fernando Belasteguín. The Delta Pro is produced by Head. Belasteguin will utilize this racket in the first WPT tournament of the 2016 season in Gijon, Spain.

As Head informs, this model boasts a large sweetspot using CHIP technology which will ensure that the player returns the ball easier. Equally, thanks to its new, more aerodynamic shape and the innovative Graphene XT material, it provides more power and durability. For people that always wanted to be able to hit a good smash, now they will surelly be able to do it.

Fernando Belasteguin, ranked no. 1 in the world for the last 14 years, is considered the “eternal king of padel” and to many, he is the best in the history of the sport.  The Delta Pro comes signed by Belasteguin.  You can buy the new Head Delta Pro with a 30% discount at Smash Inn.

Weight: 375 g
Head Size: 460 cm²
Balans: 280 mm
Beam/Thikness: 38 mm


Faster Racquet. Faster Game. A revolution of your game.

New softer combination of frame construction and foam for better comfort and a larger sweet spot.

A new drilling pattern utilising different hole sizes that work in combination with the C-Ring bringing a bigger sweet spot (more comfort and control) and higher stiffness on impact (more power).

The new ULTRA SOFT foam is a descendant from the renowned N2 foam with  improved density and memory for better sound and improved playability.

This unique polymeric material has allowed HEAD to create a bumper that ensures ultimate racquet protection. Positioned over the IBS2 this special foil not only guarantees higher durability but also ensures enhanced scratch resistance.