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Google says more interest for Padel than Squash

The number of Google searches has been increasing since 2004. Nowadays, there is more people looking for "Padel" than "Squash" around the world.

Google offers plenty of tools that allows you to monitor and analyze global, national and local trends.  Today I invested time researching the amount of interest for “Padel” on the internet in the form of “number of Google searches”.

To have some sense of scale, I took Tennis and Squash as benchmarks.  This s my shocking finding: Padel generates already more interest on global level than Squash, which is a well established sport.  In specific countries, it is bigger and it is starting to neighbor tennis.

Around the World

Padel more popular; Squash on the downfall

Since 2004 -the earliest tracking date available-, the interest for padel at Google has been on the increase.  This is surely fueled by the growth of the sport in Spanish speaking countries.  The interest for Squash has been on a downfall.  More specifically, since March 2019, there are more searches for Padel than for Squash.

As a general reference, there are worldwide about twenty times more searches for tennis than for Padel.  According to Google, Football is searched nearly one hundred times more.

Specific Countries

The top five countries with the most searches for “Padel” during the last twelve months include Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Argentina and Paraguay.  Other top ten countries include Belgium, Finland and Italy.  The Netherlands ranks thirteen after France and Denmark.

Spain still on top. Sweden second.

Specifically on Belgium, Padel has surpassed the interest of Squash on the internet since February this year.  In the Netherlands the gap between padel and squash is becoming small.

Interest growing fast in Belgium

Sweden, the king

The case of Sweden is perhaps the most extreme in the world.  In this Scandinavian nation, padel has surpassed the interest for Squash in October 2016. Today, this is nearly five times bigger.  Remarkably, padel is starting to neighbor the interest for tennis on Google.

Interest for Padel near to Tennis in Sweden

These global and national statistics surely show a positive scenario for the future of padel.  The growing interest of people for padel on the internet will continue to translate to number of players and clubs.