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Historic, Dutch Ladies defeat Uruguay 2-1

During their second match up in the World Padel Championship 2018 the Orange ladies defeated Uruguay 2-1.

This is the first participation of the female team in a World Championship. Their triumph surprised the international community. Uruguay is a country with long history with padel.

During the first match, Chayenne Ewijk and Rosalie van der Hoek got the upper hand against the good defenders from Uruguay. With the match tied at one set for each country and Chayenne suffering from migraine during most of the third set, Rosalie took an offensive stand to take the final set. Match for Holland 7-5 3-6 6-3.

Mena Smolder and team Captain Schuttelaar, lost quickly to a strong Uruguayan team, 1-6 2-6.

For the third and decisive match, coach Mallenco called Milou Ettekoven and Marcella Koek to take on the “celestes”. Ettekoven and Milou impressed the crowd with their strong smashes. The high temperature favored the fast paced Dutch for a final 6-2 6-3.

Tomorrow the Dutch Ladies will face France for a final group match. The winner will qualify as second in the group and will move forward to compete for positions 1st to 8th.

On Monday, for their first confrontation the orange ladies faced the Spanish Super pros. The final result was 0-3.