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International Padel in Alkmaar, WebXperience FIP250/NPB 100

Next weekend presents a great opportunity to see some of the best Dutch padel players in action.  In this opportunity they are joined by several top forty professionals from Spain, Belgium, Venezuela, Poland and Argentina. 

TPC Daalmeer organizes from 31st May to 2nd of June, in association with the Nederlandse Padelbond and International Padel Federation, the WebXperience FIP250.  They offer 7.000 euros in prices.. It is creating high expectations in Noord-Holland.  In addition, the event includes an NPB 100 tournament for the local Dutch Padel Circuit organized by the Nederlandse Padelbond.

High level Dutch Participants

The main draw includes well known Dutch names such as the following:

Uriel Maarsen-Bram Meijer: The Dutch twin-towers have recently been re-energized by their first win in the World Padel Tour. Maarsen’s quick reflexes at the net and big smashes are complemented by Meijers solid defense.

Peter Bruijsten-Berend Boers: ranked as team no.1 at the Dutch circuit, this team is credited by their intelligent play-style and unpredictability.

Marcel Bogaart-Wouter van de Ridder:  Marcel Bogaart seems to be back in shape.  The former captain of the national Dutch team is joined by left handed van de Ridder.

The Candidates

The line-up includes top 30 to top 100 World Padel Tour players. Under normal circumstances one of these teams should go back home holding the champions trophy.

Juan Manuel “Guga” Vazquez-Cristian Gutierrez: Ranked at no.47 for the World Padel Tour, Guga is the highest ranked player in the tournament. For this tournament he is teaming up with Argentine Cristian “Sanyito” Gutierrez. Cristian is the nephew of “Sanyo” Gutierrez, the current no3. padel player in the world.  For a good reason Cristian’s nickname is “Sanyito” or little Sanyo”. His playing style is subtle and delicious.  It seems to be some special padel blood running in the family.  Recommended for padel connoisseurs.  His current ranking is 57 at World Padel Tour. This team is the biggest candidate.

Fermin Ferreyra-Roberto Rodriguez:  Fermin is a padel globetrotter. His facebook followers enjoy his world adventures around Europe. He is currently ranked at 125 World Padel Tour. He is joined by Venezuelan Roberto Alonso, who is ranked at 95 World Padel Tour.  Thou they have a lower ranking, they could cause some problems to the candidate if they have a good day.

The young upcoming guys

Sido Niholt-Jim Kwakkel: Sido is a young committed padel player, highly agresive at the net. Jim Kwakkel is an all”-round player.  They are both the youngest members of the Dutch National Padel team.

Mathijs ter Haar-Brando Kamp: They are a team of young players from the eastern region of Holland who are committed to play style full padel.

Others worth watching

Maciej Naduk and Wladyslay Sredniawa:  This young top padel team from Poland is preparing for their first appearance in the upcoming World Padel Championships in Paraguay.

Lucas Bracchi-Nick Braet:  Bracchi is an experienced Argentine ranked 236 WPT. But don’t let his relative low WPT ranking. He is a strong and experienced player.  In this occasion he is teaming up with hardworking Belgian Nick Braet.

Pjotr van Dalftsen-Marnick Ryckaert:  Pjotr is a former high level tennis player who started making a transition into padel four years ago. Today he is a national team coach for The Netherlands.   Marnick is a good player from Belgium that joined the strong Nederlandse Padelbond circuit.

Correa-Correa:  The Correa brothers are Argentine padel instructors that are touring through Europe. This team of experienced old dogs play classic Argentine padel. It is interesting to see their classic defensive Argentine style and compare it to the aggressive Dutch school.