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Kim Clijsters, presenting Kim Clijsters Padelclub

The former tennis no.1 built a Padelclub in the Belgian city of Bree.

Kim Clijsters Padel
Kim Clijsters and tennis pro Elise Mertens ready to test court. Foto: hbvl

Kim Clijsters, the former professional  tennis no.1 and six times grand slam winner, follows the steps of other international sports celebrities that invest in Padel, including Swedish football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic and British Tennis no.1 Andy Murray.

Last weekend Clijsters inaugurated her Kim Clijsters Padelclub.  The center consists of four Kim Clijsters Padelclub logomodern padel courts placed inside her already existing Kim Clijsters Sports Club.  The sport facility is located in the Belgian city of Bree, Limburg.

During the opening she was interviewed by TV Limburg and explained how she decided to invest in padel.  “I started playing and then it became like an infectious decease…  And I went to play in different places, in Limburg and even in the US.  Until eventually I got enthusiastic about adding it to our club so that people from our region could also enjoy it.”

“I am a huge fan of the game so I am incredibly proud to be able to play it at my own club”, Kim Clijsters

Clijsters admits the differences between Padel and tennis and it’s difficulties.  “For me it is difficult to adapt, not to take the ball directly, use the walls, to let it bounce…”, according to Clijsters.   She finished by saying   “… every time I enter the court I get better and this is what it’s all about for me.”