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Meijer-Maarsen, nearly entering World Padel Tour in Sweden

The Dutch twin towers, Bram Meijer and Uriel Maarsen, were in Sweden one match away from entering the Euro Finans Swedish Padel Open 2018 for the World Padel Tour Circuit.  They lost the decisive match against experienced Spanish padel pro Jordi Muñoz and young Argentine talent Ari Patiniotis 6-0 6-2.

Meijer-Maarsen reached this decisive match through the local Swedish qualification tournament, which traditionally presents many lower level international  (and local Swedish) players rather than the ultra pro Spanish and Argentines who competed for their qualification tickets in Spain last week.  

Meijer-Maarsen started their road towards qualification benefited with a “bye”.  In the second round of the local Swedish competition they defeated Pellasi-Asenjo 7-6 6-4  For the third round, they defeated  Austrian  top team David Alten and Kristopher Krenn 6-3 7-6.   With this result they got the opportunity to play a final match against the winners of the Spanish qualification Jordi Muños and Ari Patiniotis.  

Nevertheless, they played a following match for the qualifications tournament against Leon-Vargas, loosing 4-6 2-6.  With this result, they move to compete for the 3rd position in the qualification tournament. They won with a W.O.