Padel Milan

Norberto Nesi, President of the Dutch Padel Federation (NPB), announced today an agreement with Lino Dell, Director at OkPadel Milan. By this agreement, the NPB will select two male padel teams to participate in the upcoming FIP 100 Milan OKPadel Tournament Trofeo Ambrosiano that will take place in Milan from 13th to 17th September 2017. The traveling and lodging expenses will be financed by OKPadel Milan (terms and conditions apply).

According to Lino Dell, who is a former collaborator at the International Padel Federation, it is important to facilitate the growth and strengthen the padel institutions. As such, he kindly invited several European Federations to participate in the same scheme rather than trying to do this himself.

“… the value of such partnerships is great and the cost is rather small. This is a perfect opportunity to send more of our players abroad to gain knowledge (and enthusiasm). At their return, the players will distribute their knowledge and love for the sport in their local Dutch clubs or padel communities. We are happy at the same time to recognize and endorse the FIP 100 Milan Trofeo Ambrosiano Tournament. We will send some of our best or most promising players to Italy to paint the elegant Italian blue, with brushes of our cheerful orange colors… “, according to Norberto Nesi.

The Dutch Padel Federation established certain criteria to select the representing teams. The participation of the dutch teams will be schedule for 15th to 17th September only to facilitate their traveling. Interested players can review the information at and apply.