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Read this Padel Book, Win more

Common Sense Padel Book Boek

Padel is a young sport. Its tactics, strategies and plenty about its techniques are still unwritten. This Padel book, Common Sense by Nito Brea, reveals many of the secrets of this fantastic sport.   


You may even say that this is the bible of Padel for anyone who wants to understand padel at a deeper level


For example, consider this question. What kind of padel player do you want to be? The hero of your club or the champion of the next tournament? As you will later in your padel career discover, both things usually don’t fit together.


With the help of eloquent stories and small doses of cynicism you will learn “padel philosophy” that will help you win more matches and have more fun at the padel court.  I highly recommend this book. Available at great prices at Bol.com or ebay.com (English). Also available in French language.