Padel Fip

After years of tension and controversy within the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) elected a new President and board of directors that promises to further advance padel in the country as well as improve their relationship with other sister national padel federations and FIP.

As part of the transition process, the President of the International Padel Federation, Daniel Patti, visited in Madrid, Spain, Mr. Alfredo Garbisu, newly elected President of the Spanish Padel Federation replacing Miguel Medina.

The meeting was held in an informal and friendly atmosphere. At the meeting were also present Mr. José Luis García Frapolli, Vice-President at FIP and President of the Mexican Padel Federation, and Mr. José Luis Amoroto, future FEP board member and current President of the Padel Federation of Madrid.

The meeting did not have any specific agenda other than confirming  the full intentions of both federations to improve relationships and implement an open and positive dialogue that will move the sport forward both in Spain and Internationally.

Source: FIP