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Dutch Team Competition: TV Buytenwegh, HTC Santana and Hoenderdaal Champions

More than twenty teams were qualified for the final of the National Team Competition 2019 (Spring ed). The event took place at Doordriers Houten and Racketsports Houten.

National Team Competition Padel

Last weekend took place the final of the Dutch National Team Competition 2019 (spring ed.).  Teams from padel clubs representing every corner of the country gathered to compete for the National Team Championship for level of play 1, 2 and 3.   For the highest competition class, during an earlier weekend, team Quick Oldenzaal defeated Adidas Padel Lelystad.   The official national team competition has a spring and autumn yearly edition and is organized the Nederlandse Padelbond.

Kees van Dalen Padel
Kees van Dalen, government official of the City of Houten.

1st Class

Six teams were qualified for the final phase of the championship. The matches were nearly tied in every occasion and were decided by either set or games difference.  For the final TV Buytenwegh defeated Elckerlyc Adidas 1.   Team TV Buytenwegh included Ivo van Dijk, Roy Verdegem, Danill van Dijk, Hans Melaard, Rene de Gruiter, Emanuel Prins and Javier Verdegem.

Buytenwegh, Championst 1st class

2nd Class

For the second class, HTC Santana defeated all of its opponents in a simple elimination draw that included seven teams.  For the final match HTC Santana competed against  Dijkzicht. Rene Dekker, Hijko Sower, Gerrit Louter, Frits Hakesteegt, Dick Visser, Theo van Gorkom and Toine Leidelmeijer are the new champions for Level 2.

Much enthusiasm during awards ceremony

3rd Class

Team Hoenderdaal, from Driebergen, defeated 4-0 Nieuwesloot in the last match for the 3rd class.  The winning team includes Luite Visscher, Roger Koenen, Martijn Lanenga, Erik Mulder, Wessel Hoek, Marco Hoefman, Richard Hanse, Andre de Jong, Frans Zuiderhoek, Caroline Struyck, Daisy van den Ham, Martin Beekman and Arno Pont.