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Belasteguin to announce his new teammate

After more than three successful years with Pablo Lima, Fernando Belasteguin will partner with this young amazing talent.

Belasteguin Tapia

As announced earlier today, the story continues to break on the internet.  Rumors are mounting.  This is the biggest story in professional Padel since Fernando Belasteguin separated from amazing Juan Martin Diaz.

An important source close to Belasteguin confirmed the story exclusively for PadelCentrum.  The former no.1 will make the announcement in the coming hours.

Now, to the following question. Who will be his new partner?  Two years ago I had the chance to visit the Youth World Championship in Malaga. As I entered the venue I met one of my old mentors, Prof. Jorge Nicolini, who was coaching the Argentine Youth National Team. I asked him “Are there any young talents worth watching?”. He took a breath and made a pause. “Go watch Agustin Tapia”, he answered. “I haven’t seen anything like him since Juan Martin Diaz. That kid is special”,  he continued.

Destiny or coincidence? Belasteguin’s new partner will be the young incredibly talented, Argentine Agustin Tapia, who has just became available due to Juan Martin Diaz’s injury, his current partner.  The circle is closed.